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BlkTrianGurl Los Angeles




BlkTrianGurl was created by The BTG Group.  The original site came from Atlanta, managed/maintained by NgMiller.   Then came Chicago, managed by LatinHeat2,maintained by Shanne69.  Detroit was third in the running, managed/maintained by Shanne69.  Just recently arrived San Francisco, managed/maintained by Badfem98. Then came BlkTrianGurl South Carolina, managed/maintained by WintressL.  And now, here is Los Angeles, managed by me, Lyriicczz/maintained by NgMiller/ADMLundy.

We are currently seeking additional sistahs to host sites representing their cities.  For more info on this, please contact

Please visit the BlkTrianGurl sites!



Mother Organization:

BlkTrianGurl Atlanta

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BlkTrianGurl Detroit:

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BlkTrianGurl Chicago:

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BlkTrianGurl San Francisco:

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BlkTrianGurl Los Angeles:

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BlkTrianGurl South Carolina:

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BlkTrianGurl DC:

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BlkTrianGurl Boston:

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