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BlkTrianGurl Los Angeles

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Welcome to BlkTrianGurl Los Angeles!


serves as a link for the Lesbians, Bisexual and Transgenders of African Descent as well as all other
Sistahs of Color. It is our goal to provide a space to convey information, facilitate networking, and
announce social events!

Our Purpose

is to collectively promote unity & creativity, encourage visibility,and empower our communities
positively by large.

We Are Committed

to using our resources, in a grassroot effort to bridge the gaps that have long caused seperation, while
focusing on evolving into a positive force within our own lesbian communites both online and off!

Organizational Profile

The site was created as a result of our Mother Organization BlkTrianGurl,located in Atlanta, Ga.. Currently BlkTrianGurl Los Angeles
has five Sister Chapters, BlkTriangurl Atlanta, BlkTrianGurl Chicago, BlkTrianGurl
Detroit, BlkTrianGurl San Francisco, and BlkTrianGurl South Carolina. We hope to add more Sistah Chapters in the near future. If you would like information on
What it means to be a BlkTrianGurl and would like to pursue a membership, Please feel free to
contact BlkTrianGurl.


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